Fifteen years of marketing experience gives Krista an unmatched set of skills in Whatcom County's real estate industry.

Krista has managed photoshoots for national consumer brands, has been a publicist for commercial real estate companies and tourist attractions in NYC, has helped market and grow physician practices, and has served as a media relations manager for a state environmental agency. She brings all of this to her practice of real estate.

How? Maximizing exposure translates into the highest selling price for your home. Krista knows how to prepare a home to show, and how to promote a listing. She hires only the best photographers, and attends every photoshoot to ensure success. She understands how to promote on a local and national scale. She loves digital marketing. Her goal is to get the most eyes possible on your beautifully presented listing, and ultimately, to maximize the financial return of selling of your property.

Krista, who grew up in Whatcom County, spent time in three other major metropolitan areas before moving back to Bellingham, which gives her a unique perspective. 

"I truly love and understand this area. Because I've lived in other places and have come 'home' to Bellingham, I love helping people relocate here."

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