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To me, real estate is more than a sale, more than a smooth transaction. Homes are my passion. They are meaningful, creative spaces that provide safety and comfort. We raise our children and take care of our parents in our homes. They hold celebrations and homecomings. They are exciting to move in to, and sometimes heartbreaking to let go of, and they almost always challenge us in some way. Yes, they're a huge investment that should be approached thoughtfully—but at the heart of the home is where lives are lived and memories are made. I aim to bring a level of real estate service that honors the holistic importance of home.

SOLD: Charming urban farmhouse / York neighborhood

Six offers, $70,000 over list price, and blowing the neighborhood comps out of the water is my preferred method. And this sweetie totally deserved the fanfare.


Every Home has a Story: Let's Unearth and Tell It

This home wasn't a show stopper on the inside, but it had a great story and we needed a way to bring eyes to the listing. Check out the video that we did a promoted on social media, which garnered almost 8,000 views on Facebook.

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