A look at November home sales in Bellingham

You might think that 3rd quarter is a tough time to list a home. Yes, the holidays can present a logistical challenge (although there's hardly a time when a home looks more charming and appealing, am I right?). However, current market data paints a pretty appealing picture for listing. 

A quick look at market data shows:

  • A 20 percent decline in inventory of single family homes since last month.
  • A 30 percent decline in homes on the market since November of last year.
  • A 15 percent increase in homes closed since last November.
  • Homes have been on the market for an average of 39 days, almost 50 percent fewer days than the same time last year!
  • Homes have sold for, on average, 97 percent of list price.

With little inventory on the market, and plenty of demand, it's definitely a sellers market.